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Our activities are manifold; the services that our firm can offer are very flexible and all our technicians are multi-tasking.  

Waste Water Treatment

We can solve many problems relevant to the waste water pollution, in cooperation with Nijhuis Water Technology (leader in this field since about thirty years with about a thousand plants sold worldwide) offering solutions studied on purpose to meet the customer’s requirements.


Air purification and odors removal

We can avail ourselves of the most advanced technologies for the odour and dust removal; our answers to the problems are based on the high efficiency of the products of the German firm Tholander.



We are representing the most known and experienced (skilled) German firm manufacturing biofilters:  Störk Umwelttechnik GmbH, managing (controlling) at present 60% of the European biofilter market. We can install new biolfiter plants and/or direct the maintenance of the already existing plants.


We represent NUMECA International (a Belgian Company), witch is developing the Fluid Dynamic Code FINE EURANUS. This Flow solver is considered to be the state of the art in the field of numerical simulation of complex flows . We offer to our customers consultancy in this field.


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