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Nijhuis Water Technology has the know-how, technology and experience to remove emulsions, dispersions and heavy metals from the waste water by using coagulation, flocculation or precipitation. Impurities are processed into a separable form after which they are separated from the waste water by sedimentation, flotation or other separation techniques. Nijhuis Water Technology has developed two types of flocculators for mixing waste water with chemicals:



A pipe flocculator is a plug flow reactor and used where a coagulant, flocculant and optionally a chemical for pH correction are dosed in sequence for the removal of COD, BOD, Turbidity, Precipitants, etc. The process takes place under highly controlled and well defined optimized conditions.

Characteristics of PFR:

  • no short circuiting

  • no back mixing

  • uniform mixing in the pipe cross section

  • uniform floc growth

  • no moving parts

  • easy to install pH adjustment and control system

  • sampling/monitoring valves installed as standard

  • manufactured from HDPE or stainless steel.


In case critical points like mixing energy, retention time and large capacities cannot be obtained in the PFR Pipe Flocculator the NTR Reaction Tank will be used.

Characteristics of NTR:

  • Reduced short circuiting through positioning of the inlet and outlet baffles, paddle dimensions and D:H ratio

  • Designed for either coagulation/flocculation or dissolving of chemicals

Nijhuis Water Technology designs and supplies auxiliary equipment for the coagulation/flocculation process like:


For the best results laboratory and/or pilot unit tests may have to be done, as even for identical applications, the chemistry may be different. Nijhuis has a number of pilot unit plants and jartest equipment available for doing tests on-site


Nijhuis Water Technology has a long term experience with coagulation/flocculation systems. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you on the best system and how this might be augmented with other high quality technology from Nijhuis Water Technology to create a fully integrated water treatment system which gives you the security you require.


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