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A young and multi-tasking company offering high technology services, ranging from elaborate aerospace applications to very demanding problems of environment pollution.


Our purposes

The purpose of our firm is to apply to every industrial field the high technology and the experience acquired in the aerospace domain, employing elaborate computations and chemical processes in order to improve the quality of life.


Company profile

GIAT Engineering is an advanced engineering group, located in Torino, with the following activities:


  • Purification of the industrial waste waters in cooperation with Nijhuis Water Technology.

  • Purification of air outflow of industrial origin for the removal of odours and polluting substances in cooperation with Störk Umwelttechnik GmbH and Tholander.

  • Engineering activities such as the Computational Fluid Dynamics (with the use of the Numeca Fine Code) and the numerical modellization.


Giat can offer installations for water treatment and for removal of dust and odours, together with a full analysis service.

We can also collect samples for the classification of the special waste materials of industrial origin (Legge Ronchi).

The computational fluid dynamics code allows every simulation for environmental purposes and the virtual prototyping of turbomachinery with internal and external aerodynamic applications.


The Dutch Company Nijhuis Water Technology, represented in Italy by Giat, is operating worldwide since more than 30 years in the field of the water treatment.

Nijhuis Water Technology designs and manufactures :

  • Filter systems

  • Gravity separation systems

  • Flotation systems

  • Coagulation/Flocculation systems

  • Aerobic & anaerobic treatment systems

  • Sludge treatment systems

and is leader in many fields: food industry, petrochemical, textile industry, paper industry, etc.


The Belgian Company Numeca, represented in Italy by Giat, has realized the numerical code “Fine Euranus”, which is at present worldwide known as the most advanced and reliable code for numerical simulation of turbomachinery (pumps, turbines, compressors), and of the simulations relevant to :

  • Studies of valves, volutes or ducts

  • Studies of external aerodynamics of any type (including reentry in atmosphere)

  • Steady and unsteady flows

  • Perfect and real gases

  • Chemical capabilities: multi-species with or without chemical reactions

  • Study of polluting removal, etc.


The German Company Störk Umwelttechnik GmbH also represented by us in Italy - which controls  the 60% of the European market, needs no presentation. They have reached a high quality and reliability level after long research and tests. The mini-biofilters allow also the small firms, having space limitations, to solve the environmental problems in a very professional way.


The Germany Company Tholander – also represented by us in Italy – has a well known worldwide capability in the design, monitoring and realization of plants for :

  • Air depuration

  • Separation of solid substances

  • Gas absorption

  • Gas/liquids reaction

  • Material recovery

  • Heat transfer

Moreover, they can supply filling materials, fans and control panels and a complete customer assistance service.




How to contact us

10100 Torino ITALY


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