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Problem analisys

Giat Engineering S.r.l. can offer a full analysis service to solve air pollution and odour problems.

Our technicians can test samples and perform analysis of polluted air with full reliability and absolute confidentiality.


Solution of air problems

In the field of odour removal and air depuration the German firm Tholander represented by us  has an experienced capability, worldwide acknowledged, in the planning, monitoring and realization of turn-key plants, biofilters and scrubbers for :

  • Air cleaning

  • Contaminant separation

  • Gas absorption

  • Gas-liquid reactions

  • Products recovery

Tholander can also supply tower packings (Spiral-Rosettes), fans, control panels (boards) and a full assistance service. Employing above technologies the air problems are definitely solved and not only transferred.


Main Components

  • biofilters
  • Scrubbers


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