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Biofilters are used for air treatment of:

  • Waste water treatment plants

  • Sludge drying plants

  • Treatment of contaminated soil

  • Rendering plants

  • Food processing plants (breweries, industrial kitchens, slaughter-houses and many more)

  • Composting facilities

  • Tobacco factories

Air treatment with biological filters is the ideal environmental strategy to eliminate contaminants with strong odours.

Problems with contaminated air are solved, not transferred.

Biofilters designed and supplied by Tholander Ablufttechnik GmbH are built in modular systems which are easy to assemble and ready shortly after delivery. The modular system provides an easy “add-on” solution should additional volumes of air have to be treated.

For elimination of odours and contaminants from:
  • Waste water treatment plants

  • Food processing plants

  • Composting installations

  • Rubber processing plants

  • Aerosol separation

  • Chemical plants.



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