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NUMECA’s Flow Integrated Environment

NUMECA announces the new generation CFD software systems - FINE- the most advanced and modern integrated flow environment highly customized to various families of engineering fluid applications. FINE opens the door to automatic, fast & accurate flow simulations for both UNIX and PC worlds. Whatever your flow problems are, FINE  offers the adequate environment to analyze, design or optimize your products. No need to be a CFD expert to use FINE  and discover what you have never seen before in computational fluid dynamics. FINE  integrates NUMECA’s advanced grid generation system IGG, its most performant flow solver (EURANUS) with its easy to use visualization system CF View.


Ariane 5 unsteady buffeting simulation (Courtesy ESA), Euranus

Concrete/air swept classifier (courtesy Slegten, Belgium)


FINE  offers:

  • efficient grid generation, including the fully automatic grid generator IGG TM /Autogrid for turbomachinery applications;
  • fastest simulations based on extremely powerful multigrid acceleration;
  • most accurate solutions (full second order for incompressible & compressible flows from low speed to hypersonic)
  • different user level modes, tuned from simple to complex engineering requirements;
  • high aspect ratio cells to capture shear stresses and boundary layer viscous effects (requested for 3D complex flow configurations);
  • automatic coarse grid computations;
  • automatic macro-based flow analysis;
  • smallest memory requirement;
  • new generation user-friendly sensitive G.U.I.


Flow in a chemical mixer

Transonic compressor

The FINE family already includes:

FINE/Turbo: for internal flows and rotating systems (radial and axial pumps, turbines and compressors, multiblade rows, return channels, propellers../..), chemical mixers, HVAC;

FINE/Aero: for external flows such as aerospace, automotive, aeronautic, pollution dispersion, environment, ship hydrodynamics.

Sirocco fan (Courtesy LGELEC, Korea)

For more detailed information on NUMECA products, consult our product information brochures (IGG, IGG /Autogrid, FINE/Turbo, FINE/Aero, CFView ).



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