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An advanced object oriented software for ergonomic 3D visualization & plotting

Technical Specifications


  • 2D/3D complex geometry
  • Multiblock configurations
  • Structured and unstructured grids


  • Saving screen as macro  meta files 

  • replay of any macro or presaved meta files


Airbus A320 color representation of Vtheta in several cutting planes +3D particles traces (Courtesy Daimler Benz aerospace)

Iso-Mach color map with blown-up boundary layers and velocity profiles with validation data

Fully unstructured mesh around a gear box



  • IJK surfaces
  • cutting planes
  • hidden line/surface removal
  • flat/gouraud or phong shading


  • isolines, color contours, cartesian
  • plots, local values, local profiles, iso-surfaces


  • vector field, vector sections, local vectors, local profiles, particle paths

Validation & Plot data 

  • plot representation of any data
  • automatic comparison between numerical and experimental data  along 2D/3D curves


Postscript, Bitmap, Gif, Pict


  • A state-of-the-art software development platform based on object-oriented methodology and C++
  • Portable and modular software
  • An advanced interactive graphical user interface
  • High quality software available on all major graphics accelerators (PEX, OPENGL, GL, PHIGS)
  •  Ergonomic design

DLR impeller. Volume particle traces showing the leakage vortex inside the tip clearance, Mach contour in two sections, pressure contour on the hub

Fields of Applications

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Structured, multiblock or fully unstructured grids
  • Finite Element Analysis mechanical engineering plastic modelling

Durham Turbine. Surface particle traces showing the horseshoe vortex, secondary flow vectors in a cutting plane, pressure contour on the hub

Graphical User Interface

  • Simple user-friendly POINT & CLICK, graphical user interface (GUI), utilizing a mouse-driven, contex-sensitive, intuitive and fast to learn interaction
  • Easy-to-use object-oriented interface with pull-down and pull-right menus, dialogue boxes and keyboard input areas
  • Selection of graphical entities by simple mouse picking or keyboard entries
  • View buttons operations for geometry and quantity representations in any perspective, with immediate visual feedback
  • Multiwindows environment

CF View Graphical User Interface (return channel geometry): multiwindows environment, pilot window, transparent window

CFView License and Maintenance

CFView is available on HP, SGI, SUN, DEC and IBM

Annual maintenance includes

  • Hot line support
  • System upgrades, bug fixing and enhancements
  • Automatic membership in the CFView user group created to share and exchange experience of users

CFView Training

Tutorials are provided within the user manual as step-by-step procedures, designed to teach the major functionalities of the system

NUMECA International offers introductory or advanced training courses for the CFView system

CFView Interfaces

CFView is interfaced to a large number of commercial CFD systems. Other interfaces and developments available on request.


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